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you may be wondering why i chose a lizard for an online name. well, lots of reasons.

Dreaming and Remembering

Lizards bring messages of adaptation, of moving through time and space, of survival. Many original peoples believe that there is no seperation between dreaming while awake and dreaming while asleep. In fact, they say that if one can learn to dream different dreams, dreams of peace instead of competition, of harmony instead of dominance, then those dreams will in fact alter the world. It is said that everything that man has made began as a dream or as a thought. Lizard reminds us to pay attention to our surroundings.


it is the connection of the dreamer that attracts me to the lizard. i am a dreamer, awake or asleep. i often see things differently than most, because i dream. i often see things others miss because i dream.

i chose the color silver because it represents redemption. because it reminds me of the moon, which reflects the light of the sun into the darkness of the night. because it shines and has no real color of its own, but reflects the colors around it.