obviously ive been tweaking my space. i guess i just like to rearange the furniture often. paint the walls. add new rugs. eh heheh 🙂
the new mousey, butterscotch we call her, if finally beginning to come out and play a little when we are in the room. she has been really shy since we got her. hiding all the time. but she and little brownie (he finally has a name) are starting to hang out together and he doesnt look so sad anymore. 
in two weeks i will have my first paid vacation day. when i say first, i really mean ever. for ten years i had my own house cleaning business. i didnt have any one working under me, and it was part time, but it was still very lucretive (ok so i cant spell sometimes – i still made a lot of money with my service). but after i moved to oklahoma i just couldnt get my busines off the ground. people here dont seem to want to pay for my hard work, but they sure wanted me to work for it. i am a very hard worker, and i work fast. this was always a plus for my clients, since i charged by the hour. but here people really wanted to pay by the job, and wanted a whole lot of extra stuff that i dont really do. and i got calls from a lot of seniors who wanted discounts and had fixed incomes. . . and so it went. but it wasnt meant to be a ministry, it was meant to be a business. and too i was getting burned out on other peoples messes.
well back to the vacation day. running your own service doesnt offer paid vacation days. and all the retail jobs i had since didnt last long enough, or pay enough anyway to make me want to stay. but now i have been at this clinic for 6 months, and i already have a few vacation days available to me. so, on memorial day weekend, i will have an early friday, saturday, sunday, monday, AND tuesday off. all paid. i think im enjoying the anticipation as much as i will the time off. i am so due for this!
as i look out my window this morning, i see a very crisp scene. for all my fondness of overcast days, i still can appreciate the beauty of this morning. several storms have passed recently, bringing long sessions of soaking rains, softening the earth and quenching the dry brush, transforming the hot fires of yellow and red flames and black smoke into cool green fires of grass blades and tree leaves. there are more insects of course, but many more birds to eat them by day, and many more bats to eat them by night. the mockingbirds are dancing again. the water tables are full again for the first time in years. its like the whole country side has breathed a sigh of relief, as the sun turns a merciful face on the land today.
perhaps the summer will not beat us so severely this year.
still, my heart longs for home. i woud take my mother out on the town for mothers day if i were able this year. maybe i will just give her a belated day when i do get back. it will be a day of days. i will take her to the restaurant of her choice for breakfast, and maybe shopping or looking. perhaps a movie. whatever she wants.
and this is why my heart yearns for the shores of the pacific north west.
sigh . . .