that fizzy sound you hear is me deflating . . .
ahhhh so glad today is over. it wasnt a bad day. just incredibly busy. we have four doctors in our clinic. we are the only infectious disease clinic around for about a hundres mile radius that sees patients in the clinic. so we get a LOT of referals. and we only take patients by doctor referal. that upsets alot of people that think they know what they need.
dont get me wrong. im all for people having control over their health. but when. like today, a person calls because they want in today… its not going to happen.
today i had two people call wanting appointments. i tried to explain to them that i could take their information, but that they needed to have their doctor call us. that way we have a doctor to refer them back to. and can get records.
thats when they start arguing with me. why do i need their doctor to call if their doctor gave them our number? she needs to be seen right away. well, because i need to have your treating doctor call us and refer you.  then we have some one to refer you back to, and can get records.
them mom calls to see why we wont see her baby. so i explain it four more times. then i pass the buck to R to give them the "we only see patients by doctors refer bye". well not quite, but if they wont listen to the nice lady, they gat the bull dogs.
then i had a pushy imaging rep that didnt get a clue when no one used her service. well…listen to the nice lady, and you wont get the abrupt nurse.
so between the time wasting phone calls from people wjo want me to change office policy for their darling daughters and the constant flow of patients chcking in and checking out, it onlt took me three hours to make two charts today.
ahahahaha  (maniacal laughter).
still, we were sent some choclit covered straw berries from one drug rep, and brought some pastrie things from another. so it wasnt a bad day, just a reeeeaaallly busy one.
and im so glad im home now.
sigh . . .