our little female mouse, the black and white one that we bought to keep the wild male one that we caught company. has died. apparrently, domestic mice have much shorter life spans than domesticated wild mice. hmmm.
when we first got the wild one, he was pretty young. he was living in the warehouse where the beau works in the receiving office. he was dazed, but we dont know why. so the beau scooped him up, and brought him home. we put him in a comfortable little cage of plastic, which he chewed out of. this little escape effort caused him to become a hacky sack for thor and gizmo. good thing old sammy was in her cage at the time. she doesnt play with her food.
we re-rescued him, considered naming him ‘lucky’, and bought a glass and metal tererrium for him. but he needed companionship. his little mousey mind cant tolorate solitude. so we bought him a girl friend. that was about eight months ago.
they got on wonderfully. he fell in love immediatly. they were quite funny to watch. we got them a wheel to run in, and she would get in it and go at a reasonable, consistant pace. then he would get in it and run like lightning, then ride for a few revolutions. ack! dizzy….
but when he tried to run in the wheel with her, well that was a comedy of errors! she flatly refused to share after tha. so we bought a second wheel.
they spent their time rearranging the bedding, shredding the grass ball nest thing, eating, sleeping, and running on their wheels. it was such a little peice of heaven.
yesterday morning i found her all listless and weak. i gave her some water with one of the insulin syringes left over from sammy’s insulin days. but she still got weaker. little brown mouse wild mouse kept guard over her. this morning she was in mousey heaven.
so today, we will go to petsmart and pick out a younger bride for him.