Woman found alive dumped in landfill – Peculiar Postings – MSNBC.com

ok FIRST, i wouldnt have driven ANTWHERE with this guy. i would have gotten out of the vehihicle.

‘well’, you say, ‘he had a gun’. so? if i go with the man in my car, im probably dead anyway. this woman is really lucky. if i run, i have a chance.

second, if for some reason i cant get out of the car, i wouldve wrecked the car LOOOONG before i got out of state. sheeeit, looong before i got one block.

never, and i mean NEVER, go with a car jacker or an abductor wannabe. if a man has a gun in my face, and he’s close anough to be in my face. i can knock the gun away from my face and run screaming. i can kick. i can hit. i have ELBOWS. right between the eyes.

i practice these things. i visualize them. i rehearse them in my mind, before they ever have a chance to happen.

and i drive wioth my car doors locked.

and i look behind my seat before i ever get into my car.