we got a tread mill yesterday. im very happy with it …finally. OMG it was a pain to put together. my back hurts today. when i asked the sales guy if it was easy to assemble, of course he said yes. silly me. well, easy as in simple steps? yes, it was easy. easy as in little trouble?no, it was not without a real challenge. there was one bolt in each of the three sections that just didnt want to skrew in without a fight. two of the eight hex bolts were chrome with starry looking spring washers, not black with flat spring washers. uh, ok, these are for the top then for looks. ok.
then there was rearranging the living room to accomodate the treadmill.
add to that that the beau and i apporoach tasks like this quite differently, and you have enough ingredients to small incidiary devices.
we completed out task by around 10pm. we only started around 5pm. not bad, huh.
ah today i dont have to do much. i have to get sammy’s glipizide refill, and get a few things from the grocery store. and the rest of the day is mine. i am planning a long walk, in the living room.  and i have a book im trying to read. that sounds like im having trouble reading it, doesnt it? no, im just not getting to it as often as id like.
and by the way, its pronounced ‘offen’ even tho its spelled with a ‘t’. i offen hear people pronounce it ‘off ten’, but that is incorrect. its a word in the american english vocabulary, remember. it doesnt have to be logical.
ok, speaking of english… does anybody know why tarzan never has a beard in the jungle? he is english born, and as far as i know english men grow beards if they dont shave. just wondered.
im going to put the second coat of black polish on my nails later this morning, and then the top coat of silver. you would be surprised how good it looks.
ultimately i am going to have my 1969 jaguar XKE, and i plan to have it painted some kind of silvery black. black over siver metal flake maybe, or maybe they can mix a sparkly silver with black. its going to look good tho. with dark tinted windows. and i want a fabric interior. probably charcoal grey. NOT tan leather. yuck.
well, time to go get my day going. ahhh a three day weekend. the beau was right, the second day is always the best.