there is a man who works at the same place my beau works.
this man was elated earlier in the week, as his son was coming home from a year and a half in tikrit and fallujah, in the thick of the fighting.
the son had arived in florida, and was on his way home. he was driving appearantly. he was about half way to oklahoma.
he was hit by a drunk driving a car. both were killed at the scene.
my heart bled for this man when i was told the story. i was in tears for him.
my soul was enraged at the heartless lack of conscienciousness that some people have. the lack of interest or concern for the consequences of their actions that might befall not just themselves, but others, should take certain courses of action.
why in God’s Name does anyone get behind the wheel of a vehicle when they have been drinking? i see that nothing we have said or done has detered enough peoploe from so vain and foolish, and utterly thoughtless an action. how completely self centered.
my heart cries with this father tonight.