actually, which did come first? the chicken or the egg? how can we know?
well, the Bible says on the fifth day God said the waters should bring forth abundantly the moving creature that has life, and fowl may fly above the earth in the open skies (gen 1:20).
so the chicken would have come first, because God didnt fill the seas with fish eggs, and throw bird eggs all over.
now, if you dont believe in God, and are a proponent of evoltuion, we still get the chicken first.
first we have the cosmos and all its swirling elements. then the elements hook up, and now we have premordial soup. forgive my spelling if its wrong… then the soup produces bluegreen algae, which in turn produces little single celled organisms, which begin to divide and get more complex. eventually five groups come out of the mix, one of which becomes birds. i doubt very seriously a reptile laid an egg, and out popped a chicken. the bird came into being gradually, but still had to be there before it could produce an egg of its own kind.
now this line of thought is speculative, since there was no one there to witness it and document it. and the evidence we have is merely supportive, and not prooving. and possibly the conclusion is a matter of personal interpretation with the egg and the chicken both developing at the same time in a sort of zigzag pattern as each subsequent one resulted from the previous except with modifications. in which case it is actually impossible to tell at which point an actual chicken or chicken egg appeared, and which one was first. and why did it stop at being a chicken? or is it still evolving?
i for one rather depend on the testimony of Some One who was actually there.
deep breath.