its been pretty funny, but since ive been asking for the whole name when i do my appointment reminder calls, i still get the same response from the older wives. "im MRS sos and so, can I help you?" like, yeah, im the secret girlfriend on the side, and im stupid, so im calling your house at 8:30 in the morning to see if hubby is still to sick to come out and play. and im calling him by his whole name so you wont get suspicious. sigh.
the other explanation is these women are used to running the show, and they dont want the husband to have a shot at it. they are often like that when they come into the office as well. like when you call the husband in the waiting room, to bring him back for his exam, these same wives come up first, and the husband follows them. and they do most of the talking. gag.
mostly the younger wives are much cooler about things. you can ask for joe, and they say, yeah just a minute "JOE! TELEPHONE!" then you here them say, "i think its the doctors office".
however, tuesday we did have a younger wife who was a real barracuda. well, she wasnt that bad. im sure she was just concerned about her husband. but she got a little pushy in the office, when she came in after he had been taken back for some instruction on IV infusions. she was demanding to be taken back, and i was setting an appointment for a patient that was leaving… and when he opened the door to go out into the waiting room, she slipped past him and went looking for her husband in all the other rooms. the othe patients were all gone already, thank God. but yikes the HIPPA violations that entailed! sigh.
thank you its friday today, and i am soooo ready. i have two hold places on the scedual for next week that i dont know who they are for, and that has me stressed out a little. i dont like surprise patients, and two in on week is really bad. i gave it to God to figure out and help me with. i cant handle it. i just need to relax this weekend.
if you relax…does that mean you first have to lax?