this is the fourth dream i have had about this apartment house. 
 in the first one, i was at the apartment house wanting to rent the apartment in the top  of three floors. it was a nice roomy place with a big picture window and a great view of the columbia bay. the house was situated on the north slope of a hill in astoria, oregon. however it was sticking out from the hill quite a bit, andf was supported on beams. i thought it looked kind of rickety. but i felt the apartment would be awesome. i never did find the landlord.
in the second dream i was inside the apartment house, and i was looking at the two apartments on the second floor. the one i wanted on the third floor had a tenent. they were ok, and available, but more shabby, and not the one o wanted.
in the third dream i wasnt interested in renting anymore, but in finding the door to the basement, because there was a tunnel leading somewhere from the basement. i never did find it, although i walked around the building a lot. it was very unstable looking, i thought.
in this fourth dream, the building had been torn down. i was there looking at the beams, the cinderblocks, and the other debris. mt beau was with me this time, and i was telling him about the apartment i had wanted, and showing him a few peices i thought were part of where it had been. then i woke up.