i try not to gloat when some one gets it back at them but this one is hard to resist.
there is a woman who lives in the house backed up to mine, on the next street over. she has cowboy, a mean old coppery dog of unpleasant dispostion. this is the second time she has lived in that house, as she tried to sell it last year and moved back in with (presumably) her new husband when it appearantly didnt sell, or they just took it off the market, or whatever.
the first time she lived there, cowboy was a real pest. ‘cowboy barksalot’ as my beau called him. he would come to the fence when ever one or both of us were outside in our yard, and bark and snarl nonstop the whole time. we thought after he got used to us he would quit this insane behavior. nope. kept it up for the whole time she was there. if we came close to the fence he would really step it up. but hey, yard work requires close proximity to the fences at times, especially when dealing with the leviathon vines the came from the base of the fence (on her side mostly) and grew up into the trees on my side and wouldve gone onto the wires above without intervention.
cowboy barksalot was a real nuicence. and no, she never corrected him, even if she was out there, which was rarely.
we were sooo happy when she left.
then she came back. and so did mr barksalot. here we go again. well, we had had enough. and one day when the beau was out in the yard tending to our dogs, and sir barksalot was going off like a mad dog, the beau took the water dish, the FULL water dish, and splash…yarp!…off he went shaking his head and snorting. this greatly reduced the barking sessions dramatically. at least when we were out there. i had to reinforce it one time, and that pretty well cinched it.
but here’s where the gloating comes in. this morning as i sit at the ‘puter, looking out the window, and other beneficial activities, i see the presumebly new husband out in his back yard trying to enjoy the nice morning we are having. he has with him mr barksalot and their other dog (a very sweet and playful dog that dosent bark all the time).
BUT…the neighbors next to him have a shepard pup that barks more than cowboy ever thought to. this family was there the first time cowboy lived there, and cowboy used to scare their little girl all the time with his nasty attitude. now the tables are turned, because the new prince of bark barks so much that the presumebly new husband had to go in, and was unable to enjoy HIS back yard.
ha ha.