thank you all for the kind words and support! i am so blessed to have your prayers, your faith, and your concern! i am a believer in the power of words spoken in faith, and i count myself rich to have your words added to mine in faith!
thank you random_beautiful_dreamer for your confidence in God!
thank you vampire_by_design for your personal insight into the experience of war from a soldiers eyes, and the declaration of faith in God’s surpassing power!
thank you forevernow for sharing where comfort really comes from!
thank you pebblepie for your expertise in advice, the links to resources that will help me, and your hand in friendship!
thank you dana for your prayers!
and thank you all who read my post and keep us in your thoughts and prayers, with or without leaving a comment!
you may think me kinda corny for a post such as this. i guess i am kinda  🙂
but i feel so blessed and rich, and just wanted to express my thanks in the open.