of all the people for it to happen too, l was the worst. but… probably the funniest for the rest of us.
i guess there just wasnt enough security on the computer system at work. L was looking up stuff on her computer last week, as most every one, including the doctors and the office manager, do on occasion. im the only one who doesnt, because my computer is tied directly into the main server and i dont want to take any chances, and i dont have time to anyway. well it seems L has a son who likes apple pie, and had asked her to make him one for when he got home for Christmas, even though she doesnt usually bake. so she went online to look for apple pie receipes. now mind you, the week before she had been looking stuff up and got some pop ups and some kind of down load that she didnt want or ask for. and when she saw all the links in her history, she was all ‘get that out of my computer’. so i deleted the history, and the desk top icon of the player of some kind that had downloaded. but i told her that the stuff was all still there. all we did was selete the history and one shortcut icon. she kind of ignored what i said, and just said ‘well i just dont want all that stuff on there!’ for all her use of her computer at work, she doesnt seem to know much about how it works.
well getting back to the apple pie. she typed in a search, clicked on a link, and thats when it happened. a slew of very hard core’P’ pop ups began appearing. and the more she tried to close the windows, the more popped up. she just freaked. you have to understand, even though shes in her 50’s and has been married forever, she’s very naive. very. and very vocal.
the resulting circus was most amusing to the rest of us. there’s nine of us that work there, all female, all 40 to 50something. every one but me has been there for at least five yrs, most more. so we all thought it was pretty funny. i thought how every one else got so carried away over it all was funny to. the same thing happened to my previous computer last yr, cuz we didnt have any protection (these sites have ways of piggybacking onto other sites, so when you click on a link that is harmless, you get their junky ‘P’ pop ups that wont go away instead, along with all their cookies, and spyware, and who knows what else). so i wasnt all ‘OMG’ over it. but mostly every one was giving L a hard time, and every one was cackling like that bunch of proverbial hens. only the office manager wasnt as amused, especially when L’s computer crashed from the resulting trojan. oops.
so now we have spyware protection, and i think anti virus and hopefully a fire wall. and L isnt going to be looking up apple pie receipes any time soon.