this one Thanksgiving when i was about 15, i created a memory. more or less.
it was actually the night before, and i was the only one still awake. mom and dad went to bed early, and my step brother (one of 4 living with us at the time) was also in bed. i was kind of a night owl back then, so i was up watching lame movies and other dumb late night stuff.
it was then that i got the urge to make cookies. i occasionally made late night cookies, to suprise every one in the morning. well, i went in the kitchen and turned on the oven to preheat it, and started getting things ready to make chocolate chip cookies.
this is an american tradition cookie, you know. its an unofficial traditional cookie, but people make it to sample the cookie dough. the cookies are a nice byproduct. if you dont believe me, then tell me why we now have cookie dough ice cream, and the cookie dough is chocolate chip.
anyway, i was well into the process when i smelled turkey cooking. huh? …..  uh oh. i looked into the oven, suddenly remembering that mom always thawed out the turkey in the oven the night before Thanksgiving, still in the plastic wrap.
well, we now had a nicely laminated turkey, about one third cooked or less. great. now what?
well the good news is, mom thought it was pretty funny the next morning. i think the coffee and fresh cookies helped. she bought a fresh turkey, and we gave the laminated one what we could salvage to the cats, and threw out the rest.
and so concludes my Thanksgiving day true story.  😀