i finally found a job, after five months of searching. it would seem, with all the medical students being turned out from all the schools around here, and with most of the positions already taken to begin with, that the promise of a good job after graduation is a bit hollow. to say the least.

but i had finally found one. i was hired at a dermatology clinic, to help another MA who had been there 3 years. because she had plans to go to medical school herself, she had always been part time, until october of the previous year when the doctor’s nurse of 20 years took a medical leave. appearantly with no plans to return. so the MA was now working full time, and doing the clinical studies that the doctor had taken on. drug companies often pay a lot of money to doctors who do their studies.

well MA was kind of resentful of me. remember this was my first actual job. you go to school for medical assisting, but you learn the job after you start working somewhere. she felt overworked as it was, and was unhappy that doctor had procrastinated so long before hiring some one. and then he hired some one fresh out of school. that meant that in addition to all her other stuff, she had to train me. surprizingly, she was very nice to me. but i could tell from the start she resented having to train some one. i could understand why.

now doctor wasnt a very nice boss to the girls in the back. he could be a real jackass. as it was, a month after i was hired he managed to upset MA so badly that she walked out. something about an inferrence that she wasnt doing her job. so i had to wing it, which im good at. but this man didnt understand why she was so upset. (here’s where i roll my eyes).

she came back after a week, but only to do the studies. a was still winging it, but i had a lot of questions. doctor began to become very impatient with the many things i still didnt know, and really didnt like me asking him questions. never mind that he was a ‘teaching doctor’ with the university he had just become a part of. never mind the fact that when he became a part of this university, half his staff quit, and i stayed on. its just the nature of a jackass to kick you i guess. when i got my review, it was probably the worst review anybody could have given. it made me sound like a real loser.

and a week after that i was let go.

to be continued…