its so good to be working again! working full time now, so im going to have to get used to time restraints. but i dont care, im glad to be working full time. and this time its a good fit i think.

ive been working temporary since february, which pays pretty good, but the hours have been so inconsistant.

when i first decided to become a medical assistant, i was working a couple hours a day for my elderly neighbors doing house work and running errands. but it was getting hard for them to manage everyday things, and their sons had wanted to move them to an assisted living facility for some time. they had always fought this idea, wanting rather to expire in their own home when that time came.

well one day i told them i could get some training, and do home health care for them. this would enable them to stay in their home, giving me more hours at the expense of their insurance rather than me billing them. they seemed to like the idea…..until i acted on it.

once i was in school, they both decided i was abandoning them. no matter how i tried, i couldnt seem to get them to understand that this was the original plan. so it wasnt long before the sons came out, and once again talked to them about assisted living. this time they conceded. i think the woman really kind of wanted to anyway, and the man had been the big hold out. i dont think she realized what kind of place they were going to, that it wasnt an aprtment with help coming in, but that it was one big room in a facility.

once they agreed to go, the sons had them out fast, and cleaned out the house, and sold it. good thing i went to school for something i could do without them.

now to find a job……..

(to be continued)