way back last spring, when i first started with the temporary service, i was given a week long assignment with an infectious disease clinic. it was a real real nice facility, on the eighth floor of a building not far from my house. it was organized a lot better than some i had worked in, and the staff was a lot of fun.
i liked this clinic a lot, so i filled out an application, and submitted it with my resume, just in case anything ever came available. a couple months later i was sent there again by the temp service for another week, because they had asked for me specifically. well now. that was nice to know. the office manager told me she still didnt have anything, but would call me first if anything ever did come up.
you know what? she did. last week a position came up for front desk. not exactly my area of experience, but not like i dont have any idea what it entailes either. so i went in for my interview, and four days later was told i had the job!
soooo, today is my first day. im pretty excited. its going to pay more than i had asked. its on the eighth floor with a great view. i already know the staff, and we get on nicely. the hours are great, 8am to 4:30pm, so my beau who also gets off work at 4:30 wont have as long to wait for me to come pick him up. pretty good benefits – hey, any benefits are good when you havent had any at all for a long time. im just pretty happy about this. this is everything i asked God for in a job. He’s so good to me!