cat fumes are not what you might think at first thought.  what, pray tell, might they be then, you might ask?
well as far as i can tell, they are an as yet scientifically undiscovered odorless, colorless emission from a cats fur, or maybe its a byproduct of their purr, i cant really tell you where exactly from the cat they emit. but i know they do from somewhere.
i know this, because appearantly i am someone who is sensitive to them. cat fumes, for a person with a sensitivity to them, are highly sedative. they knock you right out. but not to fear! it isnt just a random effect. maybe they cat has some control over these emissions. but it doesnt just happen because you are near the cat.
let me explain. first of all, the cat has to be in a sleepy-i-want-to-sleep-on-human-cat-furniture state of mind. they see us as mostly cat-furniture. then, they have to catch you in a reclined position, on a bed or a sofa, or the like. thats when they slink up onto your chest, settling comfortably just under your collar bone, and begin to emit fumes. before you know it, you and pussycat are both sound asleep and generating warm yummy snuggle heat. its very difficult to wake up from this cat induced sleep, too!
this happens to me on a regular basis. this is why i never have trouble sleeping at night. my old cat sammy has been sleeping on my chest every night for the last 16 years, and is a very strong source of cat fumes. they other three cats are younger, and more easily disturbed from an otherwise calm nap, jumping off ones chest like a teenager burning out in a hot car on friday night. this proves to be an effective antidote to the otherwise strong cat fumes. wakes you right up.
well, i just thought you might like to know about them. perhaps you have been under the influence of cat fumes your self. or is it just me?