found this article, and book marked it immediatly. besides our four felines, we also harbor two canines. one is a silly chow, and the other is a red bone hound mix, as near as we can tell. their brains may not work like mine – but then whose does? – but they certainly have the personalities of, well i’ll have to think of a word for it…..
chow is older than hound, and has the dominant position. but hound certainly tests the limits of her rank all the time, and has a mischievious glint in her expressive eyes all the time. ‘ting’
chow gets cranky with her if they bonk heads during play, as chow can feel her head, and hound evidently cannot. and chow likes chewing her bone with a passion. she also likes licking the carpet (ew yuck) and leaves wet spots on it regularly. ack.
hound likes guarding her bone more than chewing it. hound also likes guarding the grill when its in use, the pizza we some times have for dinner, and any other food item she thinks she may possibly get a peice of if she guards it well enough.
squirrels are the golden grail. its a whole drama that plays out daily. squirrel in yard. dogs bark in frenzied unison. dogs let loose in yard. squirrel dashes up one tree while dogs bark up another. dogs realise mistake. back and forth in yard as squirrel runs along tree limbs and power lines just out of reach. human corrals dogs to house again. and so it goes.
i love being at work.