well i haven’t had a whole lot to say recently. i get these very blank episodes, where i dont feel anything. its not depression. its not anger. its not lonliness. its nothing. like black, the absence of light and color.


sure, i like my current assignment at an ear nose and throat clinic. the doctor i’m working for here is funny, the girls all get along well, and i fit in nicely. the work is fun, mostly, and i really feel like i get it.


the weather has finally cooled off.  we’re able to turn off the air conditioner, and actually have a window or two open. well, one. the only one that actually opens is in the computer/dog/mouse/snake/storage room.


so.    off i go in search of inspiration.  i just felt compelled to write something today. i love writing stuff. i’ll be back when im not such an empty space…..