after 9 months of want ads, temp assignments, and countsless resumes sent out………….FINALLY…the lizard has come back to the work place 


ah yes ladies and gentlemen, i have a job. i couldnt have asked for a better one either. i’m working at a cardiology clinic, on the fifth floor of a physicians building next door to a downtown hospital. its convenient, because its got easy access to the freeway, so i can go home for lunch and take care of my animals, and five minutes to pick up my guy after work. i’ll be working with a nurse practitioner, a very nice person who i will get on with very well. im so excited!


the other good thing that happened yesterday was at my bank. there have been some changes in their web page, which is a good thing, but a bad thing. its much easier to get to the accout activities page, and more secure. but the account activities page has spurred alot of complaints because its so lacking in detail, and set up differently from the old one. so to cut to the chase, i was getting confused about my actual balance, which used to be so easy to follow on the old page. this resulted in several overdraft charges. now they handle overdrafts differently than they used to before the change over, so this only added to the problem. i had gone in to contest two of the charges, siting timing issues, when this posted, when that was charged, and so on. they in fact refunded all four of the charges…..OMG!!! that was $100 returned to my account! that was the favor of God for sure! i was so surprised, but in a good way!


yesterday was just such a good day.