ah, the writer’s block is gone. at least i’m in a rambling mood, and feel like writing. the cool reprieve is over, and the temperature is 94.7*, with a relative humidity of only 43%. nevertheless, the heat index is a brilliant 102*……. it feels alot more humid than is being reported. it feels like one of those days when you can go outside and drown on your front porch. gasp.


i still say the worlds worst drivers live here. at least the country’s worst. i was on my way to pick up my beau from work yesterday. i was heading up an overpass that extends over a railroad yard, merges from two lanes into one, and then goes back to two lanes where an interstate off ramp connects to it. i was on the inside, the last in a row of three cars. there was a not so old man and his wife driving on the outside lane also crossing the curving overpass, just about even with me. we were approaching the lane merge, and of course he sped up, failed to signal, failed to look, and began to cross over into my lane. fine, except that i was still occupying that portion of the lane. i honked to get his attention. then i honked repeatedly. when it became apparrent that he did in fact know i was there and was going to force me to yield to him, i had no choice but to let him take cuts.  our car is relatively new. i was very close to having a carnality fit. he would have to flip me off as he passed in front of me.    argghh. some one in his teens or early twenties i could see acting this way, and blow it off as impetuous youth. but a man in his fifties or so, with his wife (i guess) with him………

whatEVER. im used to drivers like that here. ive lived in several other states besides here and oregon, and i still say the worst drivers are here.


i had a second interview with a cardiologist last evening. it went well i think. a second interview is a good thing. the office manager is his wife. i seem to find myself in clinics where the doc and his wife both work at the clinic. but in this case its the nurse practitioner who is the main care provider at the clinic. i get a third interview with her friday or monday. a third interview is a very good thing!