the landlord sent his handyman to replace the boards under the eaves on the back of the house wednesday. i was apprehensive about this because of my previous experience with this guy.
the first time i encountered him, we had called about the patio roof leaking, and i was told he was coming over to look at it. when i answered the door, there was a little old man about 70 yrs old, give or take, with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth. hmmm. ok, i told him to wait by the gate while i went in the back and brought in our chow, as i didnt know how she would react to a stranger, and i would then unlock the gate and let him in. so i went to the back, and as i was collecting my dog he just jumps over the gate and saunters into the back yard. um…. good thing my dog was in a good mood. he just said he thought it would be alright to ignore my request to wait till i let him in, and then instead of looking at the patio roof, said something about the elm tree, and left.
i didnt see him again, or hear from him, until our water heater went out.
great. land lord sent the same guy. complete with smoke.
ok, he came back with a friend, and they proceded to replace the ancient water heater with a new one. gawd this guy talked alot. about nothing, or about how much he knew. i tried to leave him alone to work, but i didnt really trust him. well, the water heater replacement went ok. but when he wanted to test the water pressure after the water was turned on, he just came in and started turning on the hot water in the kitchen sink. i like to do that part myself, because the knob is stripped inside and you have to play with it to get it to shut off. also, there is no aereator, so it splatters alot if you turn it on full blast, which he did. sigh. then he tried the garbage disposal, for some reason, and dicovered what i already knew, that it doesnt work. my husband told him not to worry about it, we didnt use it. that side of the sink used to back up when the dishwasher ran, and he had spent several hours on it till the sink no longer backed up, and the disposal no longer leaked. well, old man doesn’t-listen-to-anyone started fiddling with it anyway, making it leak immediatly. all the while telling us how much he knew, and talking over the top of us. as it wound up, he ended taking an extra ninty minutes re-fixing the disposal -my sink backs up again now- while his partner finished the water heater alone. heavy sigh.
so, the day he showed up to fix the boards under the eaves, i was duely concerned. i had to leave for work, so i had to leave him and his partner alone in the back yard. house was securely locked up, you can be sure. well, when i came home, they were gone. so i went to look in the back yard, and see what was done. one of the old wires that ran along the old boards that were being replaced was  broken and dangling. there were foot prints on the patio roof, (you know, the one that is still falling apart and leaks and is too unstable to safely support a persons weight). a sizable branch of the memosa tree that reached over the edge of the patio roof was laying on the ground where it had been sawed off. and the boards thhat had been pulled off were laying in my yard with all the nails sticking out.
and i didnt have a dial tone.
when i called this old man to ask him about my tree, he answered the phone with an immediate barrage of explainations about some dryer and why he did what he did to it. i repeated who i was, and asked why he had cut my tree. he told me the tree was damaging the house. reality – it was in his way when he was walking on the unstable patio roof to nail the boards across the back under the eaves. instaed of laying on the roof of the house over the spot where he wanted to be. duh. he also informed me in the phone that he didnt need my permission to cut anything or do anything if he was on the property doing a job.
this got my husband involved, as he later called the old man back, and starting out politely, but thru a session of being hung up on, told we didnt have any rights as renters, and being lied to, ended up informing the old man that he would not be back on the property unless he wanted to see the county jail as well.
well, we have since gotten the phone line fixed. the landlord informed us that the old man is no longer in his employ. he was pretty miffed about having to by some lady tenent a new dryer. some one else will be out to hang the gutters and replace the patio roof. some one better screened.