well i’ll be working again next week. yeehaw 😀  and i still have chance at a position at an OB clinic….. but they have to finish moving into their new facility (ew what a job that would be!!) and combining with another department. heheh… glad i’m not quite their employee yet
the weather has been nice for the last few days. 60* this morning. ahhhh
so much better than the 106* it was last saturday. that was the day the guy who’s taking down the tree in tha back yard was finishing up the work he started earlier in the week. still has a ways to go to get the whole thing down. its a huge stinky elm tree, damaged by a wisteria laviathon that took years to grow all up into it, and all over everthing else. and took a few years to eradicate. its still popping up shoots from the leftover vines in the chain fence. when plants go bad…..
in september i’m flying out to see my son in california. he’s getting married and i get to go! this is special because when he was a baby i was way more of a mess than i am now, and i chose to give him up for adoption. it wasnt easy to do. but it probably saved his life. i was reunited with him right before his 18th birthday and graduation, when he found me and contacted me. i was so happy!! he’s a marine now, has a daughter from a previous marriage, and is going to iraq in january. so september will be very special to me.