it hasnt been great being a medical assistant in oklahoma. at least not where i live.  
i went to school to learn how to do something of value. its never too late to start something. i was excited to be entering the medical field..still am really. mom was an x-ray tech for over 30 years, so i guess its in my blood too. i really enjoyed my classes, and my teacher.
but i had no idea how many other people were entering the same field.
it seems there are 4 or 5 schools here that are cranking out the medical assistants. every week there are more graduates. and there are places that love to have the students do their internship with them. theyre free help after all.
but when it comes to getting a job for real… ahaha. thats a horse of a different color.
so except for a brief position with a doctor that decided i was too inexperienced after all, and thank God for the temp services, i have been trying to get work for over 7 months now.
ah well. the plan is to move to oregon next spring. there are a lot more options there.